Moving WordPress

Hey its crazy, I am telling you guys that we are moving wordpress to

The reason is because it is more professional and I could notice right away if something is wrong.

The moving process should be done my tomorrow at around 4:23 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Do not worry. Everything including widgets pages and posts with be transferred to my website.


April Fools Update/Sneak Peek

Hey this is baseball486! Here isΒ  a sneak peek/update on the April fools party. Get ready for a lot of jokes! Here is a picture.


There is also a extra member room with extra jokes and foolish things. I wonder what room this picture is. Let me know what you think!

Error Maker 1.4

Edit2: Okay, another change, Due to the move, it might not be out until later that after noon.

Edit: Change in plans, Error Maker will be out Tuesday, March 30, 2010. I was able to finish early. So ya!

Buzzard267 here! I have decided to make a trainer! Well, it’s not a “trainer” it’s more of a program. (Not that I don’t know how to make a trainer! It’s just this is a little fun gadget.)

I’ll first give you a little info. on it!

Title: Error Maker

Version: 1.4

File Type: EXE

Size: 232 KB


Error Maker is a program allowing you to edit the text of a simple error message form CP. Also, it allows you to actually try out your error in CP!


The test version (1.4) won’t be out until Wednesday (March 31, 2010)

The full version will be out hopefully Easter. (If your stupid, just forgot or don’t celebrate it, Easter is Sunday, April 4, 2010)

Any further questions will be answered in the comments.

Red Sneakers?

Buzzard267 here! I thought about this and I told myself “They have that already!” Well, how wrong was I!

In this picture of Series 7 this penguin is wearing red sneakers…RED! There is only blue, orange and black! I thought they had already made these for online, but they haven’t!

Here’s a better look!

Club Penguin Releases iPod Touch/iPhone App

Andy Haden released an app in the app store for the iPod Touch/iPhone starting at $1.99.

It is a Club Penguin guide for finding and becoming stuff and includes a club penguin tracker.

You can use iTunes to get it off your computer and sync it to your iPod Touch/iPhone or You can get it using your iPhone/iPod touch with the app store by searching for “Club penguin guide”.

The icon looks like:

Its pretty cool πŸ™‚

Other News:

Buzzard267 is an administrator and the “Cheats” page is hopefully going to be updated every week by buzzard.


Buzzard, you are about to become an admin, the only catch is you have to always update the “Cheats” page with every catalog. πŸ™‚

Comment if you accept or not.

New Account Activation Page

Buzzard267 here! CP changed there activation page!

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