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Item/Furniture Item IDs

Sorry that I haven’t made a page of Item/Furniture IDs. I will start making it right now even though it will take about 2/3 days I hope to have it done before the New Year (not Chinese New Year!).


Club Penguin Penguin Style January 2010 Item Super Exclusive!

I just found a Club Penguin Penguin Style January 2010 Item Super Exclusive!

Here it is check it out:

Looks like Club Penguin is gonna put music stuff in the next Penguin Style catalog or Random clothing and wigs.

Sleigh Glitch!

Hey Buzzard67 here! Haven’t posted in a while! Well I have found another glitch!

  1. Go to Santa’s Sleigh
  2. Go with a friend
  3. Once there open the friends playercard
  4. click the find buddy button and it should say they are at the Maze!

Weird huh?!

Club Penguin 1-Month Membership Card Code

Club Penguin 1-Month Membership:

Code: 4256192401120827

If you are already a  member on Club Penguin please do not use this code.

Always wanted to get Free Club Penguin Membership but couldn’t? Well, now you can! Simply go to Prize Rebel and complete some offers/surveys to earn points and then claim your prize! You can get much more than Free Club Penguin Membership, you can get Wii Points, Microsoft Points and more!

* Only available for residents of the USA, Canada, UK, Australia. Users under 13 not allowed. Users 13-18 must have parental permission. You are responsible for all information submitted to 3rd parties when you complete offers.

New Club Penguin Igloo Music

The new songs are:
  • Norman Swarm
  • Ninja Training
  • The Volcano
  • Twice Upon a Time

Club Penguin Quest for the Golden Puffle Costume Catalog December 2009 Cheats!

Club Penguin has changed the stage play to: Quest for the Golden Puffle

Here is how the stage looks like:

Here are the Catalog Cheats:

Here’s how to find the first hidden item, the Crook and Flail:

1. Go to the 1st page of the Costume Trunk.
2. Click on the golden puffle on the right.

How to get Aunt Arctic’s Background

1. Download Item Adder
2. Login to Club Penguin
3. Type in the Item ID (ID: 9021, Name: Aunt Arctic’s Autograph)
4. Click “Get Item”
Something saying “yes” or “no” shows up and click yes. It should be added to your invetory

This program has a bait item list (which is good if u don’t wanna get banned), Version Checker (if I need to update stuff) and much more.

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