Club Penguin SWF Downloader Help and Upcoming Contest

I have found some bugs and it by my self but that isn’t enough! I need all your guys’ help to officially release Version 1.0! I am also looking for feature requests (for example: more games, another section) and bugs.

I need to get more on the Add List so please comment on what I should add! This includes .zip and .rar folders for people that would like them. Please post any bugs/things I should fix

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed the “ERROR: There is a new version of Club Penguin SWF Download” when it leaves the file blank.

Current Bugs:

Looking for some…comment on bugs you find!

Add List:

  • “Save As…” Option

On December 24th there will be a Club Penguin Membership contest! On December 24th I will post the Club Penguin Membership 1 Month card code and the 1st person to get it gets it. After it is used I will edit the post and remove the code because it is worthless.


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