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Mission #11 Sneak Peek!

Buzzard267 here! I was able to get a sneak peek image of Mission #11!

It should come out in May or April.

It looks as if Herbert is on maybe, one of Gary’s computers?

What do you think?!

Color defect made in PhotoShop 6.0

Ways of a Puffle

Buzzard267 here! Have you ever wondered, “Where did CP get the idea of a Puffle?”

Well listen here! Back when CP just opened people were asking for pets in CP (Yes, I was asking too. I am rare) So CP gave them a pet, but they had know clue of what this pet would look like so… they started to doodle and after a while they got a puffle! But! They needed a name so they had a vote and the name Puffle won!

Orange Puffle Opening!

Buzzard267 saying that the orange puffle is out and now members can get 18 puffles rather than 16!


Attitude: Curious, Zany

Favorite Toy: Box, Wagon

Cool Fact: sleeps very deeply

(Not my best animation!)

Orange Puffle Information

Orange puffle is out!

Buzzard267 here! I have got a image of the orange puffle!

Here’s what I THINK its info. is:

Attitude: Curious, Zany

Favorite Toy: Box, Wagon

Cool Fact: sleeps very deeply

This image was decompiled directly from Club Penguin.

Welcome Back!

Buzzard267 here! (If you still remember me:)) Welcome back to RealCPCheats Baseball486! Anyways…there was SO much that we missed to post about so I will just cut to todays post.

More Puffles

Club Penguin has released more stuff animal puffles with a orange puffle!


Hey this is baseball486! I just wanted to make sure i can post and just to say thanks for letting me join. I will start posting reguarly. ~ baseball486

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