Club Penguin Releases iPod Touch/iPhone App

Andy Haden released an app in the app store for the iPod Touch/iPhone starting at $1.99.

It is a Club Penguin guide for finding and becoming stuff and includes a club penguin tracker.

You can use iTunes to get it off your computer and sync it to your iPod Touch/iPhone or You can get it using your iPhone/iPod touch with the app store by searching for “Club penguin guide”.

The icon looks like:

Its pretty cool šŸ™‚

Other News:

Buzzard267 is an administrator and the “Cheats” page is hopefully going to be updated every week by buzzard.


2 Responses to “Club Penguin Releases iPod Touch/iPhone App”

  1. 1 baseball486 March 27, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Nice! ps Nice job buzz.

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