Error Maker 1.4

Edit2: Okay, another change, Due to the move, it might not be out until later that after noon.

Edit: Change in plans, Error Maker will be out Tuesday, March 30, 2010. I was able to finish early. So ya!

Buzzard267 here! I have decided to make a trainer! Well, it’s not a “trainer” it’s more of a program. (Not that I don’t know how to make a trainer! It’s just this is a little fun gadget.)

I’ll first give you a little info. on it!

Title: Error Maker

Version: 1.4

File Type: EXE

Size: 232 KB


Error Maker is a program allowing you to edit the text of a simple error message form CP. Also, it allows you to actually try out your error in CP!


The test version (1.4) won’t be out until Wednesday (March 31, 2010)

The full version will be out hopefully Easter. (If your stupid, just forgot or don’t celebrate it, Easter is Sunday, April 4, 2010)

Any further questions will be answered in the comments.


1 Response to “Error Maker 1.4”

  1. 1 baseball486 March 29, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Ya I tried it and it’s cool.

    Buzzard267 – Baseball486 is now my trainer/ program tester.
    This is the reason why he has it already.

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